Team Mem­bers

Type — Meta Outside

The beau­ti­ful types of team mem­bers can eas­i­ly be
changed, meta inside or out­side it’s your choice.

Type — Meta Inside

Gath­er togeth­er all the info of the team mem­ber inside
the hov­er type, you can also change the hov­er style.

Hov­er Style — Hide

Switch­ing the hov­er style is not the all, you
can sim­ply turn it off and hide the hover.

Hov­er Style — Scale

Very inter­ac­tive hov­er style can be switched eas­i­ly
and make your team mem­bers look real­ly creative.


It’s sim­ple and very easy to change the typog­ra­phy
of the team to more than 600 dif­fer­ent google fonts.

Lay­out — Grid

Start adding team mem­bers in a great look­ing grid,
with plen­ty of options that can be mixed together.

Carousel Lay­out

Cre­ate ful­ly respon­sive carousel slides with team mem­bers, tons of 
options are includ­ed to enhance speed, ani­ma­tion and much more.

Metro Lay­out

Use the metro lay­out pow­ered by pack­ery plu­g­in that
fills emp­ty gaps, order them quick­ly as you wish.