Social Media


Var­i­ous shapes can be select­ed for the social media
ele­ments for exam­ple round­ed, square, circle.


Eas­i­ly align the social medias on each side 
you want left, cen­ter, right or justify.

Offi­cial Color

Each social media is rep­re­sent­ed by its offi­cial
col­or, no need to add any cus­tom color.

Cus­tom Color

Styl­iz­ing the social media is pret­ty sim­ple, 
you can grab any col­or from the picker.


The flex­i­bil­i­ty of social media does­n’t stop here,
adjust the size from an inter­ac­tive spinner.


Even the padding between the social media and
it’s hold­er can be changed to dif­fer­ent em size.


Add cus­tom space between the social medias,
the unit that the space is rep­re­sent­ed is pixel.

Bor­der Type

The bor­der type of social media can be changed
to sol­id, dou­ble, dot­ted, dashed or groove.

Bor­der Width

The bor­der thick­ness can be enhanced dif­fer­ent­ly
sizes also with a beau­ti­ful com­bi­na­tion of the type.

Bor­der Radius

The bor­der radius can be curved to dif­fer­ent
size and can be com­bine with dif­fer­ent types.

Hov­er Color

The pri­ma­ry col­or and the sec­ondary col­or can
be changed and com­bined for dif­fer­ent­ly hov­er colors.

Hov­er Animation

Dif­fer­ent ani­ma­tions can be attached to
the social media ele­ments on the hover.